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UNLOCK App: .:Kazehaya Daisuke:. by karuchii UNLOCK App: .:Kazehaya Daisuke:. by karuchii
Name: Kazehaya , Daisuke

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Birthday: June 15th

Height/Weight: 178 cm (5'10")/ 162 lbs.

Nationality: Japanese

Roommate/Housemate: TBA

Club: Swimming

- Energetic - He tends to have quite a bit of energy. (i.e. doing multiple activities yet still having so much energy afterwards)
- Cheerful practically all the time - He's literally never frowning-- he just looks at the brighter side of things.
- Often a bit clumsy - He tends to drop things here and there, maybe even trip every once in a while too.
- Gullible - He's really easy to trick. (i.e. if you tell him his shoes are untied, he would look down even if he didn't have shoe laces--)
- Friendly - Even if they're a stranger to him, he makes an effort to talk to others as much as he can in order to gain possible new friends.
- Supportive - When it comes to friends, he enjoys encouraging them in whatever they choose to do. (studying, hobbies, etc.)
- Lacks self motivation - After incidents at home, he felt that he has a disadvantage compared to other teens his age at being successful at anything.
- Loyal - No matter who it is, relatives or friends, he won't act cold towards you and usually seems to not even talk back (even when he really wants to).
- Polite/Well-mannered - As a kid, his parents always told him to have manners with others around. (as in things like saying "thank you" and doing those "ladies first" things and so forth-)

- Soccer/Sports in general
- Relaxing
- Spending time with friends
- Helping others
- Food

- Bullies
- His learning disabilities
- Being tired
- Failing a class/multiple classes
- Not being "good enough" to be accepted by others


Kazehaya Daisuke is an average 18 year old. Seems normal, right? Well, only difference is that he suffers from a learning disability. (He suffers from a learning disability known as "Executive Functioning"). Ever since he was a kid, he always had trouble with remembering details and simply staying on top of his schedule. Despite this, his parents at home constantly yell and scold him for having horrible grades. It's not that he wasn't trying, he just didn't know how to improve. Daisuke lived a life full of expectations he could never reach; yet he never seems to argue with his parents one bit. His parents weren't always like this though. It only started during his fourth grade year, due to the death of his eldest, and most successful, brother. (He got hit by a truck-) When he died, his parents took that anger and depression out on Daisuke, who is the youngest and least successful child of the entire family.

Ever since 4th grade, Daisuke continued to be insulted by his parents, and even by his own successful siblings. In order to clear his mind, he decided to try using sports as one way. In fact, sports was the only thing he could probably do. Even then, he wasn't really too good at it either. (He probably lost 10 soccer balls within a week). As the years went on, nothing really changed for him. He began to lose self confidence and started to lose motivation to do anything. What good could he do? After all, he already flunked once during middle school. Eventually, his parents were fed up with him. They decided to send him off to Seiyo Academy in order to get him off their minds. (They just hated his guts that badly-)

Quote: "Up for a game or two?"

Relationships: N/A (Will be added as met)

Voice: Trap Utaite: Ika-san -->…

- Has a short attention span
- Usually ends up forgetting things within the first few minutes (i.e. names)
- Used to sing, but doesn't do it much nowadays. (He wants to try getting back into music possibly as another hobby)

:iconu-n-l-o-c-k: (c) :iconskypuru:
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skypuru Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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karuchii Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014
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lol he's gay (literally)
mahouikari Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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